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Cat Tales (Chesha Cat's Blog)

From the Weird Austin Wonderland...conjectures, considerations, contentions.

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APD Releases Austin’s Top DWI Bars
APD Releases Austin’s Top DWI Bars

Here's the list for 2011:

 1. Kung Fu Saloon - 23
 2. J Black's - 17
 3. Rain - 15
 4. The Ranch - 14
 5. Molotov -13
 6. Thirsty Nickel
 7. Oilcan Harry's
 8. Sherlock's Baker St
 9. Blind Pig Pub
10. Key Bar
11. Shakespeares
12. The Yellow Rose (located in NW Austin, not downtown)
13. Kiss & Fly
14. Antones
15. Cedar Street
16. Dizzy Rooster
17. Dogwood
18. Third Base
19. Weirdos
20. 512 Bar; Barbarella; Barcelona; Chuggin Monkey; Jackalope; La Preferida; Lavaca Street Bar; & The Parish were all tied for 20th place. 

Bob Wood, Prez of the E 6th Street Association & owner of several of the bars in question, claims that the W 6th St bars are unfairly targeted by APD because it's easy for them to park around there to pull people over. (I see APD pulling people over all over town, including E Riverside, where there a number of bars, none of which made the list. He also neglects to mention that several of the top 5 bars have valet parking, which makes it much easier for drunks to get behind the wheel.)

Wood also seems to have a very inflated idea of what makes Austin, Austin. Citing all the tax revenue the bars bring in for the city, he says, "Do not strangle what makes Austin what it is which is 6th Street. Forget Zilker, forget, there's nothing else, we are it." 

He's partly right. The club scene with all the wonderful music options is one of things Austin is known for. But the culture of wasted he seems to be protecting is truly killing the golden goose. Bar owners need to act more responsibly to deter drinking to the point where people are irresponsible, dangerously out-of-control and prone to violence. APD can only do so much. 

Read more: http://www.myfoxaustin.com/dpp/video/APD-Releases-Austin’s-Top-DWI-Bars20111213-ktbcw#ixzz1gX9BtJ3D